Showcasing a gallery of images with men’s jewellery

Men’s wedding rings, traditional and bespoke wedding rings, family crest rings, dress rings and cuff links.

Peter has many years experience creating custom Men’s wedding rings, Men’s dress rings, cufflinks, Men’s pendants and all Jewellery for men.

Kathy and Peter Kumskov at My Own Jeweller Direct in Runcorn Brisbane, design and custom make individual Men’s wedding rings and jewellery for men.
Jewellery for men does not need to be boring.

Peter Kumskov at My Own Jeweller Direct Brisbane. The Master Jeweller of all custom hand made Celtic Rings and individual design of men’s wedding rings.

Custom Wedding rings made for the individual man, the man who wants the confidence his wedding ring will look as good for his wedding day and into the future.

Wedding Rings that quietly stand out with their timeless quality and excellent workmanship.

Family crest rings individually hand crafted and hand engraved. Family crest rings are a legacy to be passed down to future generations of your family.

Peter Kumskov at My Own Jeweller Direct has over forty years experience with the making of Freemason Rings and Jewellery specific to clubs and organisations.

A dress ring for the man is an individual ring that helps create that unique sense of style and individuality, recognised by friends, family and colleagues. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, opal and onyx are just some of the stone choices for a man’s dress ring.
Birthstones are a popular choice for a man’s dress ring, My Own Jeweller Direct in Runcorn Brisbane has a range of modern faceted gemstones, and unlimited access to the best gem suppliers within the industry.

Custom made cuff links are a symbol of status in the business world. Uniquely designed gold Cuff links are expertly hand crafted by Peter Kumskov at My Own Jeweller Direct.
Cuff links can be plain or gemset, maybe with black onyx and a diamond set in the centre. Australian opal would be a stand out in a set of Cufflinks.

See below images of a snippet of My Own Jeweller Direct’s Men’s wedding rings and extensive portfolio of jewellery for men.