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Ring Remodeling and Restoration

Ring Remodeling and Restoration

Remodeling and designing a new ring from inherited, broken or old Jewellery is a creative adventure. Seeing the new ring for the first time with all the sentimental Diamonds, Gemstones and Gold from the past wrapped in one beautiful ring is a wonderful moment.

My Own Jeweller Direct specialises in Jewellery restoration. Master Jeweller Peter Kumskov can restore a treasured inheritance, old Jewellery or broken Jewellery back to original condition.

Hinged rings maybe the solution when rheumatoid arthritis stops you wearing your rings. Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings can become one band with a hinge so they are easy to put on and take off,  when the rings are worn, the hinge is out of sight. Easy to close, easy to open, secure.

Whatever your jewellery need phone or message Peter and Kathy Kumskov 0411344900

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